Henry Wolf: 1925-2005

Henry Wolf: 1925-2005

wolfbazaar.jpgThis just came into my Anonymous Tips Inbox (send me one yourself by typing a note in that little box over there—->): “Guess I’m just a little surprised that no mention has been made that Henry Wolf, a magazine designer, art director, photographer, passed away a few days ago.”

Asked (albeit somewhat passive aggressively) and answered:

Design Observer posted an item about Wolf’s death yesterday… “Known for his superb cover designs for Esquire, Harpers Bazaar and Show among many others, Henry Wolf died this week, at home in New York City. The Viennese-born art director was 80.”

The New York Times ran an obituary. (Registration required. If you don’t wanna do that, I recommend going to Bugmenot to get yourself a username and password.)

There’s an essay by fellow designer Milton Glaser on the AIGA site, which includes a slideshow of many of Wolf’s amazing magazine covers and photographs. From that essay:

In the sixties, Henry chaired a conference he called “Art, Love, Time and Money,” a title which is about the most reductive expression for the totality of human experience I can think of.* These four themes emerge as obsessive elements in most of Henry’s work. Finally, what separates Henry from his peers is his special capacity to evoke the best from those who work with him. It is a rare and special gift.

*Here, here Mr. Glaser.