Hendra On Huffington Gets Others In a Huff


We truly felt the winds of change pick up after last Thursday’s introduction to Designism–people started emailing us questions, word of similar pursuits got around, the topic came up at an event out here in LA. And now, by way of our friends at Design Observer (who, might we add, are a very Designist bunch themselves), we see the topic being introduced to a wider audience, via our new hero Tony Hendra on the Huffington Post. It’s a great article that sums up the evening in Hendra’s Python-esque prose, but judging from the comments, some people just don’t seem to get it:

With all due respect to Milton Glaser (who is indeed legendary), that logo in red, black, and yellow screams “German”, and the blackletter “D” harkens back to Gutenberg, rather than to the future, or even the present. We may be fighting fascism, but do we want to drape ourselves in that flag? I don’t!

The design you show is reminiscent of a hitlerite badge. The big germanic “D” (Deutchland Uber Alles) on a field of red, white and black is striking.

This graphic could easily have been culled from 1930s Germany.

Another sick twisted bunch of so-called Americans does the FBI keep a watch on groups like this? Timothy McVeigh would probably have been a member scary thought scary farking thought indeed.