Hello, my name is…

Meet your guest editors

hello1.gifIt should come as no surprise that it takes three people to replace Jen Bekman. Without further ado, here they are:

· Me. (Elizabeth Spiers.) I’m the editor-in-chief of mediabistro.com. I’ll be guest editing UnBeige for the next few weeks and will be liveblogging the HOW Design Conference this weekend. Prior to mediabistro, I was a writer and editor at New York magazine, where I was once asked to remove hyphens from a column because someone in the art department deemed them aesthetically offensive. (I worried that this might be a slippery slope and that one day someone would decide that they didn’t like the look of the letter “p” and I’d be stuck working with only 25 letters of the alphabet, but my protests went nowhere.) I did, however, work with some great people, including Luke Hayman, Jody Quon and Chris Dixon, who are profiled here. Prior to New York I was the founding editor of Gawker.com. Gawker’s logo was designed by Jason Kottke, or Jason Kottke LLC, as he is now presumably known.

· Kenny Rufino, my colleague and the creative director of mediabistro. Kenny’s bio (from Kenny): Kenny became mediabistro.com’s Creative Director after it was discovered he
was secretly doodling away at our cocktail parties instead of checking people in at the door. He relishes the fact that he didn’t go to art school (though may regret it one day) and spends his spare time obsessing over Apple, playing video games and taking random photographs around town. He’d write more, but he hates writing bios.

· My deputy editor, Jill Singer, will also be contributing occasionally. (I recently discovered that something like 89.6% of the mediabistro staff secretly wanted to blog for UnBeige. Who knew?) Jill’s bio: Jill Singer is the deputy editor of mediabistro.com. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Via, a San Francisco-based travel magazine.