HELLO, CLEVELAND! Rockin’ Jon Fine in a TONY Best Band of 2005

Nerve118.jpgThrow those devil horns up in the air – BusinessWeek‘s Jon Fine is rockin’ the house! A close read of Time Out New York reveals that Fine’s band “Coptic Light” had not one but TWO of the “Best Albums of 2005” in the TONY round-up. Music editor Mike Wolf said of the band’s eponymous album: “Could this Brooklyn trio’s ideas be that much better than everyone else’s? Rock & roll has rarely sounded so fresh and gripping.” Pretty good! The album also made the best-of list of music assistant Hank Shteamer, whose name inspires so many punchlines I can’t think straight (“I don’t even know ‘er!” is only the exciting, classy beginning). Fine, formerly of AdAge and the band “Bitch Magnet,” who also reportedly once had all sorts of long rocker-hot hair, recently came back from touring in Japan. “Coptic Light” is, in fact, big in Japan.

Disclosure: Fine is blissfully wedded to MB cyberhoncho Laurel Touby, but that’s not why I wrote this item. On the contrary, I actually don’t really know how she feels about “Bitch Magnet.”