Hell Hath No Fury Like A Freelancer Scorned

We all want to get paid well and on time, especially when our month-to-month income is less reliable than our landlord’s need for rent. Well if this is what really matters to you as a freelancer, Gawker has created a list of magazines where you might not want to pen an article.

The list includes notable publications like Self and more obscure mags like Chili Pepper Magazine. The reasons for late payments include everything from, “even full time staff hasn’t received a paycheck in a while,” to “stonily refuse to explain why they don’t pay.” Well thanks for clearing that up for us, Gawker!

While we will not contend that any of these magazines, don’t pay their freelancers for the work they do, we thought we’d include Gawker’s chart as a buyer beware type of situation: Write at your own risk.