“Hell has frozen over”: CES nerds remove pins from Hollywood voodoo doll

The Washington Post reports a surprising thaw between Hollywooders and the Techies at the annual Vegas gadget gaggle. hell_freezes_over.jpg

To wit:

“Trade groups representing the recording and motion picture industries are making their first major appearances here this year…And it’s the next DVD standard — Blu-ray or HD-DVD — that seems to be generating the most buzz.

‘Something happened with the show this year,’ said Gary Shapiro, president and chief executive of the Consumer Electronics Association, which hosts the show that he refers to as ‘the digital Woodstock.’
(It’s odd for the Motion Picture Association of America and the recording industry to show up at CES because they have traditionally had an adversarial relationship with the tech guys — think back to the battles during the early days of Napster. This year, a section of the show floor is devoted to legal downloading.)

‘Hell has frozen over,’ Shapiro said.”

Actually, Hell froze over yesterday, but point taken.