Report: LA Stripper Does a Number on Hearst Exec

On the same day that feature documentary Citizen Hearst is opening in LA and a handful of other U.S. cities, allegations in the New York Post of a lurid sex scandal involving one of the media company’s top executives are being fanned across the Hollywood trades and beyond. From today’s “Page Six” dispatch, posted online just after midnight:

Top Hearst executive Scott Sassa has left the company over a sensational extortion plot involving a Los Angeles-based stripper he was sexting, multiple sources exclusively tell Page Six.

Sassa — the high-flying president of Hearst Entertainment & Syndication group who manages the company’s interests in ESPN, Lifetime and recent successes including executive producing the hit miniseries The Bible for the History Channel — is quitting after the stripper forwarded sexy texts between her and Sassa to Hearst Corp.’s very conservative top brass.

According to the Post, Sassa met the unnamed woman in LA last December. There was also apparently in this sordid mix a boyfriend of the stripper and extortion plot. Read the full item here and also note how quickly Hearst deep-sixed Sassa’s bio.

By the way, that sound you hear is a half-dozen TMZ producers scrambling to get their hands on the texts, the stripper and-or any of her close friends.