Hearst Magazines’ Michael A. Clinton Talks Tablet, Avi Zimak’s New Post

HearstMagazinesLogo.jpgHearst Magazines president and marketing and publishing director Michael A. Clinton spoke with AdAge.com regarding Monday’s announcement that Avi Zimak had been named to the newly created post of advertising director, tablet media, saying:

There’s a lot of interest from advertisers and agencies about what they can do on iPad and tablet editions. It’s an emerging business, obviously, so there are a lot of unknowns. So his job will be to keep the internal world and the external world up to speed on what’s happening on the advertising side of tablets.

(Hearst Magazines Digital Media vice president of digital editions and audience development) Chris Wilkes runs our tablet initiatives and our e-reader initiatives, but we believe that the integration of print, digital, and tablets is very exciting to advertisers as they build cross-platform buys from us. Avi will be the advertising liaison on that side of the platform.

The individual publishers and their teams will sell their own vertical apps as part of their initiatives, but then we’ll have corporate initiatives, as well.