Hearst Encourages Albany Times-Union Workers To Vote, Then Punishes Them For Voting Wrong

Weirdness: After George Hearst himself reportedly “insisted” that Albany Times-Union members vote on a contract offer that would allow the paper to outsource any and all jobs and lay off employees regardless of seniority, and the proposal was defeated 125 to 35, Hearst is now declaring negotiations at an impasse and will impose his own terms come June 24.

In a letter dated yesterday and sent to Guild President Tim O’Brien, Hearst writes:

“We are not willing to entertain any further compromise on these issues.” The contract the company proposed will go into effect May 24, minus a $500 bonus the company had offered and a few other perks.

We liked one of the comments on the post announcing the impasse:
“In Iran they rig the vote, here they just declare impasse.”