3 Healthy Social Networking Sites That Will Keep you Fit

exercise As the summer heat winds down over the next month or so, it’s going to get harder and harder to stay active. If you could use a little boost to keep yourself fit and healthy during the fall and winter months, why not check out these social networking sites for fitness. Whether you’re an expert tennis player looking to stay in shape or someone who like to go for a run around the block, these three social networking sites have all the resources you need to keep fit and have fun.


Play more tennis. That’s the tag-line of new social network for tennis players, Juump. It’s designed to help tennis players find local courts and other enthusiasts to meet up with and enjoy a few sets together. Users can sign up and input their location, and a list of local tennis players, courts, and games will appear. This is great for casual players looking to join an impromptu game, as well as more competitive players looking to challenge other local experts. There are also teams, clubs and tournaments on the network, so people looking for a more regular tennis experience are satisfied as well.

juump tennis social network

This is a great network for novice, expert or even professional tennis players. As tennis is a sport that nearly anyone can pick up with relative ease, joining this network means being put in touch with people just looking for a good time. And what better use of a social network than promoting offline socialization and physical activity?

Runners’ Lounge

Obsessed with running? Runners’ Lounge is the place for you. It hooks up runners with one another and provides forums, resources, tips, groups, and lots of good community vibes. The members are all very supportive of one another, and Runners’ Lounge encourages leaving positive messages and advice for friends within the network. The network hosts a community blog as well as a list of upcoming local running events and discussions.

runners lounge

This network is designed for runners of all levels, from beginners to marathon runners. If you’re looking to connect to other runners to see which local routes they frequent, to join a running group or just for some moral support, this is the healthy network for you.

Weight Fan

A post-summer healthy lifestyle is not just about physical activity – it’s about eating right too. Weight Fan is a social network for dieters, healthy eaters, and anyone who wants to connect with others for support with food-related issues. It includes healthy eating tips, advice, diet product reviews, resources, and lots of community-based stuff like groups, message boards and blogs.


Summertime makes it easy to ditch the chocolate bar for watermelon, but you’re going to have to work hard to keep up a healthy diet during the fall and winter months. Weight Fan is great for anyone who wants some support while watching your waist-line.

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