Healthcare Industry Dominates the Big Data Conversation

Out of nearly 13,000 daily mentions of Big Data and related topics on social media, the healthcare industry accounts for more than 20 percent.

big data


In recent years, the term Big Data has come to the fore, with businesses trying to use the huge stores of data to solve the world’s problems. While Bill Gates thinks analytics can be used to improve American schools, tech companies use analytics to deliver personalized web experiences.

Indeed, there is lots of Big Data talk. According to Simplify360, a provider of social media monitoring and analytics tools, lots of the discussion is happening on social media. After tracking the topic for 15 days, the company discovered that there were nearly 13,000 mentions per day, 98 percent of which take place on Twitter.

Much of the Big Data talk is focused in the U.S.; however, a significant number of mentions came from India as well. While companies such as IBM, Oracle and Apple were the companies mentioned most in the Big Data conversation, 24 percent of Big Data mentions were related to applications in the healthcare industry.

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