Headline: ‘Is David Gregory a Vegetable?’

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), an organization created in 1999 to prompt debate on social and economic issues, says NBC “Meet the Press” Host David Gregory fell down on the job this week. In fact, they think he’s a vegetable, or just acted like one on Sunday’s show by not asking the right questions.

Specifically they were outraged that Gregory didn’t press Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) about the recession being a primary reason for the large deficit. They wrote: “An anchor who was not a vegetable would have jumped on Senator Schumer and ask him if he is really unaware of the recession and its contribution to the deficit. Gregory simply went on to the next question as though Schumer had said something that made sense. So what exactly does Gregory do for his pay?”

CEPR was co-founded by economists Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot. Its Advisory Board includes: Nobel Laureate economists Robert Solow and Joseph Stiglitz; Janet Gornick, a professor at the CUNY grad school and Director of the Luxembourg Income Study; and Richard Freeman, an Economics professor at Harvard. As far as funding goes, 80 percent of CEPR’s funding comes from foundation grants and personal donations. No money comes from foreign governments, corporations or unions. Examples of foundations who gave in 2010: Anne E. Casey Foundation, Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Family Fund.