Headhunter’s ‘I Hate Headhunters’ Post Positively Dripping With Irony

Harry Joiner is sick of headhunters.

“I am a reasonably bright guy with an incredibly diverse professional background…and I couldn’t find a job to save my life,” he writes. “All that mattered to recruiters was I was a round peg, and they had square holes to fill.”

Sucks. It’s true: most headhunters will reject you for not being a fit, because a recruiter gets paid based on the number of placements he makes, not the number of jobseekers he helps. So it’s not in his interest to work with someone who isn’t a perfect fit.

But, says Joiner, there’s someone out there who will work with “round pegs” to make sure hiring managers understand your value. Who could it be? Joiner himself, of course, who’s now a headhunter.

So as with most good blog posts, this one degenerates into an ad for Joiner’s services, but it’s nice to know that at least with one headhunter, you’ll be rejected not because your resume was wrong, but because you weren’t good enough.