He Did It: O.J. Ghostwriter Also Wrote ‘A Million Little Lies’

oj_time_willtheybelieve.jpgThe New Yorker snags a “Talk Of The Town” profile and interview with Pablo Fenjves, the ghostwriter hired to write O.J. Simpson‘s now-dead book If I Did It:

While at the [National] Enquirer, he became close friends with a colleague at the paper, Judith Regan. They kept in touch over the years, and when Regan became a success in the publishing world, as the custodian of her own imprint at Harper-Collins, she sometimes hired Fenjves. He ghostwrote the 2003 autobiography, “Maybe You Never Cry Again,” of the comedian Bernie Mac (sample passage: “Got-damn right muh’fucka, I got a level of crazy in me you ain’t begun to see”). Last year, Regan published Fenjves’s parody of James Frey‘s work, called “A Million Little Lies,” which he wrote under the name James Pinocchio.

The New Yorker fails to get Fenjves, who, as Nicole Brown Simpson‘s neighbor, was a prosecution witness in the O.J. criminal trial, on the record about what was in the book, but they do get him to confess that he’d do it again: “I think you’d be hard pressed to find a reporter in this country who, given the opportunity to sit down and take a confession from O.J. Simpson, no matter how oblique, would have refused to do so.”

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