Have no idea who to follow on Twitter?, WSIF has the answer

whoshouldifollow.jpgWhen the editor of one of the blogs that I write for posted our Twitter accounts in his blog, I have been getting notifications from gmail about “Twitter users now following me.” I must admit that I don’t know some of them but they have probably read my post in that blog. Anyway, from a less than 10 people who have been following me, I know have a hundred Twitter followers. I know that may seem not a lot, but for me it is. If you have been wanting to increase your Twitter followers or those whom you are following but doesn’t know that many people on the web, the Twitter application aptly named “Who Should I Follow” (WSIF) may actually help you.


If you check the WSIF site, you won’t find too many information there except for a short about page. Well, that speaks of what Who Should I Follow is all about. A simple application for finding people that you might want to follow in Twitter.

The same way that it’s site was design in a very simple manner, it is also very easy to use the application. All you have to do is enter your Twitter name, and WSIF will crawl your existing friends and find from their Twitter friends, people who you might want to follow in Twitter. So, there is somehow a connection between you and the person.

I tried it and find some people whom I’m already following and some whom I haven’t followed. So, that application may need some further tweaking to make it a perfect apt or to make its people suggestion more accurate.

At any rate, feel free to try it, and see if it gives you some good recommendation on who should you follow in Twitter.

Incidentally, if you want to follow me on Twitter, @aczafra. If you want me to follow you on Twitter, leave your Twitter ID on the comment box and I will follow you on Twitter.