Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – Ever Wonder, “Have I Shared Too Much?” [COMEDY VIDEO]

During a job interview, a man is grilled about what he posts online. He must respond to questions about his seemingly innocent behavior on multiple social networking websites. What begins as employees asking questions of a prospective candidate slowly evolves into a personal battle between the existing employees, as a result of these websites. The question everyone must ask is, “Have I Shared Too Much?”

That’s the description and title of a new film by writer and director Sameer Acharya, who takes a look at the growing obsession with social media in this hilarious and brilliantly-insightful comedy short.

In the video, watch ‘John’ (superbly played by actor Ravi V. Patel) squint and squirm as he tries to impress the social media obsessives (Jordan Rider, Christina DeRosa and Justin Uretz) at make-believe firm WFK Consulting.

It’s a 12-minute feature, but it’s absolutely worth your time: I can’t recommend it highly enough. All four performances are outstanding – notably Patel but also Rider’s turn as the sneering (but Twilight-loving) Jake. It’s laugh-out-loud funny throughout but also touches upon a lot of nerves. I guarantee you’ll see something in this that makes you think about the way that we all use social media.

(I also enjoyed the digs at LinkedIn.)

See? I told you it was great.

“I started writing the film last summer after reading several articles, and watching news reports about the paranoia of social media,” says Acharya of his film. “Prospective job applicants were becoming increasingly weary that their online posts could potentially cost them career opportunities.”

“Have I Shared Too Much?” was produced by journalist Parimal Rohit, who made the short as part of a film class at Long Beach City College.

“This is just the second film I have ever worked on, but the first one I am using to launch my career as a producer,” said Rohit. “The script was very well-written, not to mention relevant due to its take on social networking. It just seemed to be a perfect storm to demonstrate my skills as a film producer and my judgment in presenting a timely subject to film audiences.”

Rohit believes that the film provides valuable insights into our growing obsession with social media.

“Yes, these are all amazing tools that have significant personal and community benefits. However, there is also a downside. In addition to maintaining a life balance, hopefully audiences will see that social networking has blurred the lines separating our personal and private lives, and with that comes significant consequences.”

More information, including behind-the-scenes photos, can be found on the official “Have I Shared Too Much?” Facebook Page.

(Special thanks to Sameer Acharya for reaching out.)