Have Fun with Misheard Lyrics at KissThisGuy

Everyone of us have at one point in our lives, encountered people who sings a popular song with wrong lyrics. This wrong lyrics or misheard lyrics can vary from the most serious to the most hilarious lines of song that we could ever think of. And I never thought that a company would take these mishear lyrics to think of creating a site dedicated to well, misheard lyrics. Named after the most popular misheard lyric of all time, KissThisGuy is a parody on how the music industry can be misinterpreted or simply misheard.

KissThisGuy is the world’s largest interactive database of mishear lyrics with more than 100,000 submission. It has been the meeting place online of people who love this form of pop culture, so much so that the site owner decided to put a social networking tune to the site, adapting to the signs of the time.

At the newly refurbished KissThisGuy site, you can create your own profile and contribute your share of mishear lyrics. Misheard lyrics uploaded on the site are sorted intuitively, listed into various categories such as this week’s most popular, most popular of the year among other categories.

By starting to adapt to the evolving web 2.0 environment, KissThisGuy hopes to achieve (if is not already) what Digg and Reddit did for news, Flickr for pictures and Facebook and MySpace for networking, for misheard lyrics and music parody. KissThisGuy wants to build a tighter-knit community of people with the common likeness for the comedy and uplifting experience of hearing and reading misheard lyrics of different songs.

Soon, if you join KissThisGuy now, you will be able to showcase your favourite misheard lyrics on your social networks and blogs. But in the meantime, while all the other web 2.0 features of KissThisGuy are launched, you might want to give it a try and give yourself some much needed laugh.

Here’s an example of a misheard lyrics submitted at KissThisGuy:

Title: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Misheard Lyrics: Mama mia, Mama mia, Mama mia Mexico

Title: Smells like teen spirits
Misheard Lyrics: Hear we are now in container
Correct Lyrics: Hear we are now, we’re contagious