Has Facebook Become Cher's New Dating Service?

If you are a rich and famous singer-actress and your name is Cher, how would you go about meeting men? Well, the real-life Cher is apparently using Facebook, according to entertainment news site E Online.

The story reports that Cher joined Facebook – in the sense of a personal profile rather than a fan page – at the suggestion of a friend. Cher had earlier complained to her friend that it was difficult to meet men in Las Vegas, where she is based for her show at Caesar’s Palace.

Chelsea Traille, a dancer who plays Coco in Cher’s upcoming movie Burlesque, reportedly told E Online that Cher had met someone special through Facebook. The singer is romantically linked with comic writer Ron Zimmerman but it’s unclear whether the two met through Facebook, although they are indeed friends on the site, according to E Online. Cher’s representatives did not comment to E Online.

I’m curious about how one might go about meeting men on Facebook. Would it involve friends suggesting other friends or would it involve randomly browsing profiles and then sending friend requests to people you don’t know (which may mean you run afoul of Facebook’s rules)? The site doesn’t seem to be set up for that sort of thing, since most profiles are closed or partially closed to non-friends. I would have thought an online dating service was a better fit. But if anyone can pull it off, then I guess it would be Cher!

Like many celebrity news stories, I’d suggest taking all this with a grain or two of salt.

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