Harvey Weinstein Confuses Race for Oscars With One for White House

weinhill.pngAfter years of launching formidable Oscar campaigns it seems that Harvey Weinstein decided to try his hand at running the current presidential one. CNN is reporting that the long-time Hillary Clinton supporter put a “heated” phone call in to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last month during which he threatened to cut off campaign money to Congressional Democrats “unless Pelosi embraced a new plan by the movie mogul to finance a revote of the Democratic presidential primaries in Florida and Michigan.” (Wow, who knew Harvey Weinstein was bankrolling Congress.)

No word on what this dastardly plan entailed exactly, only that the mogul seemed determined to “buy Clinton more time.” For his part, Weinstein denies all charges saying that the phone call merely “focused on his offer to put together a team of people to help finance a revote in Florida and Michigan.” Hmm, something about this makes us wonder: if Harvey Weinstein took Karl Rove into a room, who would come out?