Harvey Levin Now Officially the King of All Media

Thanks to a new deal with Premiere Networks that went live June 20, Harvey Levin has crossed over into the final, retro media frontier: radio.

TMZ Radio airs Monday through Friday as two separate one-minute installments, with Levin touching on the day’s latest celebrity news headlines. It can be heard locally on KBIG-FM and via some 50 other stations around the country. Befitting TMZ’s status as a one-man brand, the “About Harvey Levin” section in today’s press release clocks in at 345 words, longer than the body-text portion of the release.

TheWrap’s Steve Pond recently got on a bus to take the new TMZ Hollywood Tour, which features a number of video vignettes queued under the header “the power of TMZ.” At one point, while the bus was parked across from the Ivy, Levin himself climbed aboard without warning to give tour guide Keith some cash to tip the driver with.

Mel Gibson‘s media messiah is, literally, everywhere. Including now, thanks to Premiere, the domain of such radio stalwarts as Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome, George Noory, and former LA media ubiquity champ Ryan Seacrest.