Harvard States the Obvious

Harvard Business School’s Bill Heil and Mikolaj Piskorski released the results of research they conducted on social media in general and Twitter specifically, Silicon Alley Insider reported, and the results weren’t exactly a revelation.

As for social media in general, users spend 70% of their time looking at profiles and photos and, since women’s profiles are viewed twice as often as those of men, Piskorski concluded that the top activities are men looking at women they don’t know, men looking at women they do know and women looking at women they know.

As for Twitter, Heil and Piskorski found that 55% of accounts are started by women, but tweets from men are more widely read. They added that the two genders tweet at roughly the same rate, but 75% of users hardly tweet at all and 10% of users account for 90% of all tweets.