Harry Potter Gets New Home

Pottermore gives fans a magical meeting place

In October of this year, you’ll be able to grab a butterbeer, pull up a chair, and log on to Pottermore, the new virtual world for all things Harry Potter. It isn’t clear just yet what the site’s primary function will be, but early reports say Pottermore will be home to the first-ever Harry Potter eBooks and will act as an incubator for the already wildly successful brand.

The free site will offer tranches of new writing from Harry’s creator, J.K. Rowling, as she expands the depth of her beloved characters with detailed character descriptions, answers to FAQs, and debunks common Harry Potter myths. The site is the first official home for Harry Potter and his bewitched fans, who up until now had been left to form their own online communities.

The new J.K. Rowling project will include a shop, which according to its press release "should include further products designed specifically for Harry Potter fans, offering a potential outlet for Sony products and services related to Pottermore." According to the Pottermore site, fans may be able to get a sneak peak of the new world on July 31, Harry Potter’s birthday.