Harris: Politico Profitable In Third Year, “Vast” Traffic For Online Videos

The headline of BeetTV’s interview with with Politico‘s John Harris was definitely that co-founder and editor believes the three-year-old project will become profitable this year.

Andy Plesser: Well speaking about the business proposition, just tell us, you know, you are an advertiser, you’re a free advertiser. How is that model working for you guys and how do you see the the business model developing?

John Harris: It works for us. We’re an advertiser supported publication. We are, we started two and a half years ago, so we’re in our third year. And we are on… we are profitable in our third year and we expect to finish the year as a profitable enterprise so I think that’s an impressive achievement to build a fairly substantial journalistic operation that also can can reach profitability in year three. That makes us very encouraged by the particular model that we have.

Harris also said covering the Obama administration is a big opportunity and that Politico has the most reporters of any news organization covering the White House. On videos on Politico.com, Harris says they’re seeing “vast, vast numbers of traffic. More than we ever anticipated.”

Watch the interview above and check out the transcript here.