HarperCollins Giveth What They Once Took Away

harpercollins_logo.jpgAmidst layoffs and division shutterings HarperCollins has decided to invest in a new imprint. In a press release, HarperCollins Publishers announces the creation of a new popular culture imprint called It Books. Headed by Harper Perennial publisher Carrie Kania, with Mauro di Preta serving as associate publisher and Cal Morgan as editorial director, the new imprint will be dedicated to entertainment, music, fashion, design, and sports&#151much like Harper’s former imprint, ReganBooks, for which Morgan also served as editorial director.

The inaugural line will begin appearing in bookstores this fall. The list will include books from noted striptease artist Dita Von Teese, bestselling author Neil Strauss and an illustrated history of Led Zeppelin by Charlie Cross. Readers can look forward to future projects from actress Molly Ringwald, bestselling recording artists Debbie Harry, Johnny Rotten, Toni Braxton, and the mythical metal band Spinal Tap as well as the first authorized Twitter book.

“Working with Cal and Mauro, we’re going to have the chance to publish some great books and market them in new and interesting ways. I’m really excited about this opportunity,” said Kania.

Indeed in this landscape of layoffs and shut downs, this is exciting news for the publishing community, bringing hope of future employment and certainly exciting new titles back to the industry.