HARO Advertising Dollars Continue To Roll In

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The NYTimes today announced a decline in digital ad revenues. AOL announced it will layoff 700 employees amid a decline in ad revenue.

Meanwhile, there is one PR “publication” that seems to be doing just fine. Peter Shankman, founder of the popular “match journalists with sources” email list, Help a Reporter Out, said today on his list “We’re now sold out on advertising until April 16th, 2009.”

That means Shankman has filled up his three a day advertising queue for the next 56 business days. Multiply that by $3,150 (the morning and end of day ads costs $1,250, while lunchtime costs $650) and Shankman has secured a whopping $176,400 in HARO revenue – and that’s just for the next two months. Shankman does cut deals to non-profits and other worthy causes, and also likely gives rate cuts to bulk buyers. Nonetheless, that is certainly an impressive revenue stream for a one-year-old, one employee company.

UPDATE: Shankman tells PRNewser, “All ads cost $1,250. Job ads (what we called lunchtime ads) cost $625…but I might go for a month without a job ad – just 3 non-job ads a day.” He continues: “Two employees now, and I’ve lost weight since that photo was taken.”