Harlan Ullman: I Want To Clear Up Something

But not that thing

From an forthcoming column by Ullman, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    Recently, my name has been in the press on matters not related to my professional activities. I will deal with those issues separately. But, intentionally or not, these accounts have also misrepresented my professional standing.

    Specifically, numerous statements and media reports have credited me with being a “neoconservative,” a strong supporter of the Bush administration’s Iraq policies and a key “architect of the Iraq war” through the doctrine of “shock and awe.” It is time to correct the record.

    The phrase “shock and awe” is mine. But the label of neoconservative could not be further from the truth. I opposed the war from the outset and particularly the assertion that democratization of the Greater Middle East was achievable. I played no role whatsoever in any aspect of that war’s planning or execution. And, shock and awe as originally conceived were not used in toppling Saddam Hussein and his army other than briefly as a slogan.