Happy Flag Day from UnBeige


We love flags every day of the year, but UnBeige HQ devolves into full-on drapeaux-mania come June 14, also known as Flag Day. So imagine our delight when a fellow design-minded flag lover popped over this afternoon with a selection of festive flag-topped cupcakes (unable to resist cobalt frosting, we opted for Sweden—delicious, and not a trace of herring) and an article clipped from this month’s issue of Maxim. Turns out the lad mag also has a thing for flags and took it upon themselves to get vexillological with a diverse crew of talking heads. Our favorite comments concerned the flags of Saudi Arabia (below left) and Argentina (right). “Makes me feel like my mother is yelling at me so loudly that I can’t understand a word she’s saying,” said Elle‘s Anne Slowey of Saudi Arabia’s green monster. “But it doesn’t matter because she is about to lop my head off with that sword.” Things were rosier in Argentina, whose flag comedian Jim Norton deconstructed beautifully. “This looks like the Pan Am logo,” he explained. “The pained expression on the sun’s face reminds me of a 10-year-old playing a sunflower in the school play.” Want more flag fun? We’ve posted Saturday Night Live‘s fine “Flags of the World” sketch below for your viewing pleasure.