Happy Blog Day!

Blog Day 2008

Today is the 4th annual Blog
. The idea is get bloggers to stretch a bit and recommend new, unknown blogs and recommend them to one’s readers. I decided to recommend other PR blogs, and sought out ones from oversees. Given the studies coming out saying U.K. PR doesn’t get social media, I was especially happy to find Drew B’s post about four British bloggers who clearly do. Three are included below:

Paul Stallard’s Tech PR Blog covers social media trends from a U.K. perspective. Stallard is a senior account manager at Berkeley PR in Reading.

Hedge Lines is about the increasing presence of news about hedge funds, and what it means for PR people who represent them. It’s penned by Alex Paidas, head of the Clarion Group in Manhattan.

Balancing Act is written by Becky McMichael, a “geeky PR chick with a passion for all things digital, and head of tech and corporate PR at Ruder Finn UK

Flexible Thinking Forum, the companion blog to the book “Overcoming Stupidity”. Andy Green explains that you can be intelligent and still stupid if you don’t practice flexible thinking. “Everyone should be comfortable with their own stupidity–we all make mistakes every day based on inadequate information. We all however, should avoid 5 star stupidity, repeating any earlier stupid acts, and should challenge ‘compound stupidity’ wherever we witness it.”

After 18 years representing brands like Apple, Facebook, Motorola, MTV, Symantec, Tiger Beer, and Yahoo!, McCann Erickson’s head of PR Robin Wilson is headed in The Opposite Direction. He covers the important and endlessly interesting interplay between PR and advertising.

[Notice of Blog Day via Chris Brogan’s Twitter feed]