Have You Hung Up on This Man Lately?

As  you read this, freelance investigative conservative  journalist Evan Gahr is likely dialing up another unsuspecting media reporter or editor to pose one important question:

Why aren’t you writing about my story?

Forget email. Gahr’s a phone guy and his phone number hunting skills are pathologically effective — he’s dug up WaPo‘s Don Graham‘s home number, Kevin Merida’s home and work numbers, Jonathan Capehart, Eugene Robinson, Erik Wemple, Politico‘s Hadas Gold and more. He says Politico’s Dylan Byers now recognizes his number and won’t pick up. WaPo‘s Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt has not returned his emails (but only because he couldn’t find his phone number). So far, many journos have allegedly hung up on him – count Merida, Wemple, The Daily Caller‘s Jordan Bloom and TWT‘s Jennifer Harper among them.

The story he’s referring to is a lawsuit filed against WaPo by a black sales employee who is charging race and age discrimination. He wrote about it last Wednesday for The Daily Caller.

A conversation with Gahr goes something like this.

With TWT‘s Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper: “Jennifer Harper”
Evan Gahr: “Jennifer, this is Evan Gahr. I sent you my story about the Washington Post being sued for race discrimination are you going to cover it?”
Jennifer Harper: “I don’t cover those issues, I’m sorry.”
Evan Gahr: “Wait, you cover the press. Are you the press reporter?”
Jennifer Harper: “I don’t cover those issues. I’m sorry.”
Evan Gahr: “Aren’t you the press reporter?”
Jennifer Harper: “I don’t cover those issues. I’m sorry.”

Then, she hung up on Ghar. “But, hey, why would the Washington Times want to do a story that would profoundly embarrass the Washington Post?” he rhetorically asked FBDC after the call. “It’s not like they are competitors or anything.”

Gahr’s bio, in his own words: “I have been writing for major conservative publications since 1991 and am a former press critic and editorial writer for the late New York  Post Editorial Page Editor Eric Breindel, a God in neo-con circles. NewsCorp has an annual Eric Breindel award. And the WashPost connection is that he was Lally’s live-in boyfriend for years until he passed in 1998.” He added, “My press criticism, often combined with reporting, has been published in the Wall Street Journal, the American Spectator, the Weekly Standard, National Review and other places.”

Gahr claims he’s actually shy in person and only acts like an animal when he’s seeking a quote. And the phone calls continue…

With Politico‘s Hadas Gold

Ghar sends FBDC an email with the subject line: “Just spoke to Hadas Gold since Dylan apparently recognizes my number and won’t answer.

(Actually, Byers answered all three of Gahr’s phone calls. No sinister screening ensued.)

Hadas Gold: “It’s definitely something I want to look into.”
Gahr remarked to FBDC, “No rush, of course. It’s only been three weeks since the lawsuit was filed and one week since my report.”

Gahr was slated to have a second piece published in The Daily Caller this week on Wemple hanging up on him. He thought it was “buzzworthy.” The Daily Caller wound up spiking it due to a tweet Gahr sent to Capehart that reads as follows: “You’re so pedestrian. How much of your success is due to your race?” He also tweeted at him about appearing on MSNBC (as shown here).

He wrote me by email, “Will God forgive me for tormenting Jonathan Capehart on Yom Kippur?” As an aspiring rabbinical counselor, I said, no, at least wait until tomorrow.

Gahr said Daily Caller Opinion Editor Jordan Bloom worried that the tweet could undermine his piece.

FishbowlDC got a peek at a bunch of different email exchanges Gahr had with journalists around town. Bloom wrote Gahr, saying, “Evan, I’ve got real reservations about this after your tweet suggesting Jonathan Capehart was some sort of affirmative action hire. It undermines the credibility of the story.” Gahr contends to FBDC, “I did not say ANYTHING about Capehart’s race in my story.”

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