Hancock: Super Hero Damage Control

More extensive footage of the new Will Smith comedy have been hitting YouTube as of late.

More importantly than Smith IMHO, the film reunites Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron from the indominatable Arrested Development TV show. Bateman–also enjoying an NPH-style career revival through self-parody–plays a PR executive who feels indebted enough to the drunken Hancock to take on the rehabilitation of his career and image as a Superhero.

The amplified bad behavior and resulting turnaround can be seen every day in the pages of Us Weekly. It looks like his PR council advises things like being nice to children, not killing whales, not destroying public property, regular grooming, and wearing a decent suit. Sage advice.

Hancock hits theaters on July 2nd.

Video of Keith Olbermann’s passionate plea for an Arrested Development movie can be found here. Episodes of Arrested Development are available for free here.