Halloween, RockRiot, JibJab, Mobile Video and Deepavali Apps Among Up-and-Comers This Week

A few interesting companies have shown up this past week on our Top 20 up-and-coming apps list, including gift-card maker JibJab, Slide’s Rock Riot, a Youtube-for-mobile app, and a religious app. There are also the usual mix of small gifting apps, simple quizzes, and games. At the top of the list, though, is a game called Halloween Haunting, from developers Mob Science. It is a gifting app that aggressively prompts you to send “spooky” gifts to your friends. No doubt, it will continue to grow as Halloween gets closer.

AppData: Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon Halloween Haunting 488,640 +321,721 +192.74
2. icon Who wants to kill you? 307,816 +228,482 +288.00
3. icon Gift App Creator 199,427 +195,215 +4,634.73
4. icon Friend Couples! 514,728 +193,242 +60.11
5. icon Fish Life 335,451 +171,059 +104.06
6. icon Forever Friends 918,898 +110,652 +13.69
7. icon Rock Riot 433,357 +107,766 +33.10
8. icon JibJab 373,193 +105,476 +39.40
9. icon Birthday Countdown 778,344 +104,005 +15.42
10. icon Youtube Mobile 3GP 167,387 +103,850 +163.45
11. icon O-Meter App Factory 660,472 +103,160 +18.51
12. icon Deepavali Greetings 174,622 +83,862 +92.40
13. icon How Sexy Is Your Name Calculator 499,833 +74,493 +17.51
14. icon Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests 664,873 +73,351 +12.40
15. icon Tetris Friends 806,507 +72,367 +9.86
16. icon Hugging 391,680 +62,157 +18.86
17. icon Your Zodiac Profile 249,544 +60,740 +32.17
18. icon Friends Quizzes 575,144 +56,128 +10.81
19. icon Fairyland 384,098 +54,735 +16.62
20. icon Promotions 759,637 +51,995 +7.35

This list looks at which apps with between 100,000 and 1 million users are gaining the most users in a week — this way, we can sometimes spot interesting niche apps, or ones that are headed to gain millions of users. Concerning the others on this list, Slide’s Rock Riot Rock Band-style game grew by 107,000 to reach, 433,000 — it looks like its growth is starting to pick up.

JibJab got its start offering animated, customizable greeting cards on its own web site, but its Facebook app is notable for especially strong growth starting sometime in early September. It is now up to 373,000 monthly actives. The company is no stranger to the Facebook platform, having integrated Facebook Connect some time ago, and having developed a successful holiday gifting app, ElfYourself, last year.

Picture 19The video app, called “YouTube Mobile 3GP,” is designed for a type of mobile video format used in phones. Basically, it lets users watch YouTube videos from an app within Facebook. This app is growing when it is possible to watch YouTube using other mobile web sites (like YouTube itself). Why? Apparently the social features in the app.

Another notable one is Deepavali Greetings, a gifting app for the Hindu holiday (note that Deepavali is the term for Diwali used in parts of the Indian subcontinent as well as in Malaysia and Singapore).

Overall, the mix today seems a little bit more of a mix than last week.