Halloween, Grooveshark, “Twilight,” Page Tabs and More on This Week’s Emerging Facebook Apps by MAU

One of the more unusual applications on our list of those emerging by monthly active users this week was an app that lets you view the trailer for the next installment of the “Twilight series. Then there was the Spanish language Halloween dress-up app, other than that it was a pretty mixed bag, plus a bunch of Page tab-type applications, including some from Offerpop and North Social.

The apps on our list grew from between 55,7000 and 430,300 MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook. We define emerging applications as those that ended with between 100,000 and 1 million MAU in the past week.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Disfrázate870,000+430,000+98%
2.  Grooveshark790,000+280,000+55%
3.  ASOS Fashion Friendsy Win free fashion for a year!510,000+210,000+70%
4.  Pick Your Fave180,000+130,000+260%
5.  JibJab720,000+130,000+22%
6.  Amazon Sweepstakes280,000+120,000+75%
7.  3D Slots820,000+85,559+13%
8.  Sign Up330,000+80,000+32%
9.  Fragrance Rebel Shop Tab450,000+76,441+25%
10.  My Top Fans140,000+71,550+251%
11.  Triple Town180,000+71,338+104%
12.  Bob Marley380,000+70,000+23%
13.  First Impression1,000,000+70,000+8%
14.  Big Photo210,000+70,000+50%
15.  Playboy’s Barmate Tab110,000+64,402+252%
16.  Breaking Dawn – Part 1300,000+60,000+25%
17.  Static IFRAME Tab : Pin Icon890,000+60,000+7%
18.  Dove Home210,000+60,000+40%
19.  PM Meet us Tab250,000+60,000+32%
20.  Static FBML – HTML Estatico250,000+55,730+30%

Disfrázate, the Spanish language app that lets users “try on” different Halloween costumes and then publish to the stream, topped our list wit 430,000 MAU. It was followed by the music app Grooveshark with 280,000 MAU.

There were also quite a few different Page tab or Page apps that made our list. Pick Your Fave is an app from Offerpop that grew by 130,000 MAU. Then Sign Up with 80,000 MAU and First Impression with 70,000 MAU were from North Social, apps to use on a Page. Static IFRAME Tab : Pin Icon grew by 60,000 MAU, as did PM Meet us Tab and finally Static FBML – HTML Estatico grew by 55,700 MAU.

Everything else was an interesting mix.

ASOS Fashion Friendsy Win free fashion for a year! appeared to be a sweepstakes app with 210,000 MAU. Then the JibJab notes that it’s inactive, yet keeps growing, this week by 130,000 MAU, inviting users to visit the website. Amazon Sweepstakes grew by 120,000 MAU. An interesting social commerce app, Fragrance Rebel Shop Tab, takes users to a discount fragrance Page where Snoop Dogg pitches to users, with 76,400 MAU. My Top Fans grew by 71,600 MAU and promises to show you a profile “report card,” but asks you to invite friends first.

Bob Marley is an app that says it’s the landing tab for the Page, with 70,000 MAU. Big Photo is an app that grew by 70,000 MAU and promises to let users add, publish and share photos using the app. There was Playboy’s Barmate Tab with 64,400 MAU and Dove Home with 60,000. Finally there was the Twilight video app for the new part of the series, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which grew by 60,000 MAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned next week for our look at the top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.