Half of iPad Owners Also Own a Kindle? This Could be the Case Soon

If you asked me about the Kindle a year ago prior to the iPad’s announcement, I would have told you that it looked like a great ebook reader that was too expensive for a casual reader like me to justify. If you asked me about the Kindle last spring, I would have told you that I bought an iPad and that the Kindle for iPad app provided a good ebook reading experience. The Kindle device was still too expensive for a single function device. If you asked me about the Kindle near the end of last summer, I would have told that the new $139 WiFi-only Kindle was priced just low enough for an iPad-owning casual book reader like me to buy and use. And, five months later, I can tell you that the Kindle provides a better ebook reading experience than the iPad under certain conditions (lighting conditions or sitting in a recliner).

According analysts at JPMorgan, I’m not alone in thinking that the iPad and Kindle are not mutally exclusive purchases.

Study: 40% of iPad owners have Kindles too (electronista)

JPMorgan also reported that 23% of Kindle-less iPad owners are planning to buy a Kindle within the next year. If even half of the number carry through with their plan, this would mean that half of current iPad owners will also be Kindle device owners.