Half Naked Models Teach Heimlich In New Video Campaign

Super Sexy Abdominal ThrustsA couple of weeks ago we covered a new viral video campaign featuring Fortnight Lingerie. In ‘Super Sexy CPR’, two half-naked female models demonstrate how to perform CPR in one of the most risqué safety videos ever made. This month, the makers of ‘Super Sexy CPR’ are following up with a new video, ‘Sexy Abdominal Thrust’, in which a pair of hot male and female models teaches viewers how to do the Heimlich maneuver in their underwear.

The original Sexy CPR clip has received over 2.6 million views on Vimeo, since its upload on May 11. The comments on the video, which are all of the “Hehehe, Dude, I’d like to be the victim!” variety, make it clear that the clip has struck a chord with the male online video audience.

The question is, will the new ‘Sexy Abdominal Thrust’ campaign garner the same millions of views as ‘Super Sexy CPR’? The Heimlich maneuver clip doesn’t have the girl-on-girl action that ‘Super Sexy CPR’ had, but it does throw in some eye candy for the ladies.

‘Sexy Abdominal Thrust’ is just approaching 80,000 views, two days after upload. However, it isn’t getting such excited and positive feedback as the first clip. Many people are commenting about how this video isn’t as good as the first and that it would be sexier if they had used two girls again. We’ve already established that sex sells, but what do you think? Will ‘Sexy Abdominal Thrust’ achieve the success of ‘Super Sexy CPR’, or does it fall short?