Haiku Winner

Last week we announced a contest for area media types for a free AvantGuild membership from our mother ship,, mediabistro.com. As Patrick explained, “Here’s what you get: Access to a wealth of content, including articles on How to Pitch and Pitching an Agent, and other insider information like our salary survey, industry editorial calendars, transcripts of semars and panels, class discounts and a personal homepage. They also get disounts on health, dental and auto insurance, tax services and books, as well as complete access to our media insider community. It’s everything a budding writer needs to be the next Seymour Hersh/John Updike–well, except the talent. You still have to have that.”

After carefully considering each entry, we decided that we should award the membership to Joshua Kucera, who turned in a haiku that was exactly wrong. Instead of the standard 5-7-5 meter, he wrote one with 7-6-7. We figured that as he begins his freelance career, he’s going to need all the help he can get.

Here’s the winning “entry”:

So long trade mag drudgery,
Hello jammies–freelance!
I hope I don’t eat ramen.

So congratulations Josh and may God have mercy on your freelancing soul.