Hackers Hack FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Facebook Account

FCCJuliusGenachowski.jpgFacebook hackers bagged a high-profile target last Friday: Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski, The New York TimesBits reported.

Genachowski’s Facebook friends received Facebook messages at around 10:30 a.m. saying, “Adam got me started making money with this,” with a link to an inactive Website, Bits reported, adding that his account was temporarily suspended and Genachowski was on vacation.

Facebook emailed the following statement to Bits:

We take security very seriously and have devoted significant resources toward helping our users protect their accounts. We’ve developed complex automated systems that detect and flag Facebook accounts that are likely to be compromised (based on anomalous activity like lots of messages sent in a short period of time, or messages with links that are known to be bad). Because Facebook is a closed system, we have a tremendous advantage over email. That is, once we detect a phony message, we can delete that message in all inboxes across the site.

We also block malicious links from being shared and work with third parties to get phishing and malware sites added to browser blacklists or taken down completely. Users whose accounts have been compromised are put through a remediation process, where they must take steps to re-secure their account and learn security best practices. This is what happened with chairman Genachowski’s account.

To combat these threats, however, we need users’ help, too. You can protect yourself by never clicking on strange links, even if they’ve been sent by friends, and by being wary of sites that ask you to download or upgrade software.

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