10 Mind Blowing Gymnastics Videos On YouTube

Indian Pole GymnasticsThere isn’t anything that can make an audience “Oooohh” and “Aaaahh” quite like an amazing gymnastics act and a new YouTube clip of Indian pole gymnastics is no exception to this rule. With over 120,000 views in the first 48 hours, this pole gymnastics video as viewers dropping their jaws around the globe, and it’s inspired us to put together our own collection of mind blowing gymnastics videos. Check out this astounding collection of flips, splits, handstands and impossible gymnastic feats after the jump.

Indian Pole Gymnastics

This video of the top players in an Indian pole gymnastics competition is spreading like wildfire on YouTube today and is the inspiration behind our gymnastics video list. The three guys in this video are impressive, to say the least.

Amazing gymnast 4 yr. old Gabby Tina Turner Dance

With over 7.6 million views, 4-year old Gabby is one of the most popular gymnasts on YouTube. I can only imagine how talented she must be today, three years after this clip was originally uploaded to the video site.

Spelbound – Britain’s Got Talent

Spelbound, a British gymnastics group that won Britain’s Got Talent 2010, is one of the most impressive gymnastics groups I’ve ever seen. But I’m not the one who counts. They also blew Simon Cowell away, and if you can do that then you can do anything!

Amazing Gymnastics

This group of Asian gymnasts is absolutely phenomenal. One of the most impressive parts begins at 1:49, when one gymnast bounces up a flight of platforms on his head. Somebody get this guy some asprin!

Impossible Gymnastics Trick Landed

I tried to count the number of flips that the guy in this video does, but he’s flipping faster than the human eye can see. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s super gymnast!

Five year old gymnast flips out

Flip routines are always impressive, but somehow they become even more of an amazing feat when the gymnast is five years old.

Male gymnast brings new art to pole dancing

Though this gymnast doesn’t have as many views as the Indian pole gymnasts from the recent YouTube hit, he is still pretty impressive.

Sportakrobatik – Die 5 Disziplinen

This is a longer video, at nearly ten minutes, but is totally worth watching. The gymnasts in this video encompass five different types of sports acrobatics at the 2006 sports acrobatics championships in Portugal.

Damien Walters Showreel 2009

I would never consider doing a back flip at all, let alone a back flip on the ledge on a building roof, but for Damien Walters it’s nothing. Check out this guy’s show reel from 2009, where he flips around in all sorts of places and situations.

America’s Got Talent – Amazing Handstand Act


Amazing gymnast Vladimir Malachikhin blew television viewers away when he performed on America’s Got Talent. You can watch his handstand act in the video below.