Guy on NYT Mag‘s “Mr. Good Sperm” Cover Actually Uses it as Pickup Line

nytmag_031906.gifIt’s Thursday, i.e. The Day We Get Around to Reading the New York Times Magazine from Sunday. Or the Sunday before Sunday. And we were as excited/disturbed by last week’s cover (“Looking for Mr. Good Sperm”) as everybody else. But perhaps more exciting/disturbing than the article itself was the tip we received from a female tipster about the dude on the cover:

Was at the Lighthouse in Brooklyn watching NCAA tourney on Sunday with my (male) friend, with part of the Sunday NYT sitting on the bar. A guy comes over and points at the cover of the Times Magazine and says ‘Hey, who the hell is that guy?’ We look up and, after an awkward double take, realize it is that guy. I couldn’t believe he was actually using that.

She wasn’t looking for Mr. Good Sperm, but it seems Mr. Good Sperm was looking for her. Or him. It also sounds like some advanced application of The Game we’re just not privy to. Then again, we’re only on Step 2 — “Approach and Open.”

Wanted: A Few Good Sperm [NYTMag]