Guy Branum Takes on Chelsea, Hillary and the Whole Clinton Machine


TV writer/comic Guy Branum, writing in Slate, has a peach of a Clinton story. After writing a snarky column in the UCal paper:

Scraping for something to say about the upcoming football game between Cal and Stanford, I criticized my school’s rival for pouring resources into the circus surrounding Chelsea’s arrival, The comments made their way to suggesting that they were more concerned with maintaining a pristine, photogenic student body than educating as large and diverse a population as possible. I then encouraged Berkeley students to share our less refined ways by trashing the campus, including Ms. Clinton. Sure, my line “show your spirit on Chelsea’s bloodied carcass” was over the top and poorly chosen.

He got strong-armed:

The comments made their way to Mrs. Clinton, who asked the Secret Service to search my apartment and quiet me down, according to Chris Von Holt, one of the nice agents who visited. The Clintons later denied any involvement, but I did manage to get the agent’s claim otherwise on a tape recorder I had with me.

Summing up?

The treatment of Chelsea Clinton as a special figure in American politics has to end. If she’s shy, she should return to private life. If she wants to campaign for her mom, she should get our respect, but she must also expect our scrutiny.

And here’s the best part–Branum works on E!’s Chelsea Lately. Obsessed? You tell us.