The Dynamic U.K. Correspondent Duo of Guy Adams and Matthew Garrahan

There is perhaps no better measure of the social media era we live in than the fact that while we are only intermittently able to visit the websites of British newspapers The Independent and the Financial Times, we make a point of checking into the Twitter feeds of their respective L.A.-based West Coast correspondents on an almost daily basis.

It’s hard to resist a pair of journalists – Guy Adams (pictured left) and Matthew Garrahan (below) – whose pithy Twitter profiles so expertly tap the varicose vein of dry British humor. The Independent‘s Adams states that “according to our lawyers [I] must also say here that I sometimes tweet in a personal capacity,” while the Financial Times‘ Garrahan proclaims that he is “available for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs.”

Adams travels far and wide for reporting assignments. His current on-site tweeting about Chile’s San Jose mine rescue operation is not to be missed. Earlier today for example, upon learning of a possible local-time arrival for the country’s President and first miner rescue, he tweeted the following: “That’s midnight in the UK. Terrible timing for final newspaper editions. So selfish of them!”

Meanwhile, Adams’ friend and colleague Garrahan is closer to home at the moment, tweeting from the beat of Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle. A local talk radio host, Heidi Harris, who interviewed the politician at a campaign event later clarified to Garrahan that “she didn’t mean to call reporters cockroaches.” Good to know.

(To follow this pair’s jolly good Twitter show, point your browsers to @GuyAdams and @MattGarrahan.)