GungHo partners with Taito for Puzzle & Dragons, Groove Coaster Zero promotions

Image via Taito Corp, GungHo

Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo Online Entertainment has announced its newest cross-promotional campaign in the match-three battle game. Its new partnership with Taito Corporation and Square Enix will see a “Groove Coaster Zero” themed event added to Puzzles & Dragons today, lasting until Sunday August 24.

Puzzle & Dragons has been updated with a series of Groove Coaster Zero themed dungeons, containing special monsters and aliens from the classic arcade game Space Invaders. These monsters include octopi, crabs, squids and more, which are available in dungeons across four different difficulty settings.

Meanwhile, Groove Coaster Zero, will receive playable tracks from the Puzzle & Dragons soundtrack. Rhythm game fans can pick up a bundle of four Puzzle & Dragons songs, along with a limited edition avatar, for $4.99. One special track will be available for free throughout the entirety of this cross-promotional event, and the top 1,000 ranked players on that song will receive 10 free items after the campaign ends.

This event is in keeping with GungHo’s continued releases of new and original content in Puzzle & Dragons on a frequent basis, and follows the company’s past partnership with Supercell, which saw its Clash of Clans characters added to Puzzle & Dragons as monsters in a themed dungeon.

GungHo isn’t the only developer that has relied on limited edition events to keep users engaged and interested. Modern War developer GREE saw a 600 percent increase in the game’s daily average revenue during one of its live events, and DeNA’s Blood Brothers has previously reached No. 1 on the top grossing Android apps charts in 33 countries thanks to its frequent events as well.

Puzzle & Dragons is now available to download for free on iOS and Android. You can follow the game’s progress on AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social games and developers.

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