Guitar Hero Mobile Gets a Backstage Pass

GH Backstage pass.jpgWannabe rock stars can get closer to their dream with Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass, a new mobile expansion to the explosively popular game from Hands-On Mobile and Activision.

Backstage Pass adds more than 25 hours of game play as the “hero” works to promote his or her band and music on TV and radio, build buzz and street cred, record demos, ink record deals, schmooze their way through press interviews, rehearse songs and finally play shows. When certain career goals are met, new guitars that strengthen their performance are unlocked. Players can also earn in-game money to buy new guitars.

The new game has an online companion site that enables players to message each other, check their standings, download new guitars and music and join or create Backstage Pass contests.

The price of the game varies by carrier, but regardless of the carrier, it can be downloaded by texting “STAGE” to 46966.