Guests Threaten (Jokingly, We Think) to Crash Salahi Q &A Today


Carol Joynt’s Q & A Cafe today with the Salahis at The Ritz is allegedly a go, last time the show host heard anything.

A note on Joynt’s site today:

“As far as we know, and we only know what we know, The Q&A Cafe today will roll as planned with guests Michaele and Tareq Salahi. If you have a reservation – and you must have a reservation – the seating begins at noon at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown. If you must cancel your reservation, please phone 202.912.4110 to let the Ritz know. At the moment, it is sold out. If you are on the wait list, please phone the reservations line to check on cancellations. Some people have written to ask if they may crash. Well, hahaha. The Ritz has security. They will know!”

Joynt’s show airs Friday evening at 8 p.m. on DC Cable, TV 16, and throughout the weekend.

We’ll keep you posted on what happened today at The Ritz.

Note to readers: I’m risking my co-editor Matt Dornic’s anti-Salahi wrath by writing this item. I think he’ll forgive me even if he can’t stand coverage of this overexposed (poor man’s Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt as WaPo‘s Amy Argetsinger puts it) faux Hollywood couple.