Glubble, A Social Networking Site for the Family

One of the main concerns of parents when they let their children surf the web to join social networking sites is how safe their children will be? There have been bad news about predators preying on innocent minds. Luring them into a trap which can lead to their exploitation. Thankfully, there are social networking sites who get out of their way to ensure that their services are safe for children, and even for parents as well. Glubble wants to be one of them.

Glubble believes that parents should have total control over the online content that their children are exposed to, the same way that responsible parents select the books to be read by their children. And that is what Glubble is trying to achieve. To turn the Internet into an activity for the entire family. It lets you setup online “play spaces” full of fun, free and safe activities for parents and children alike. In a way, it serves as bonding time between parents and their kids and at the same time exposing them into a friendlier concept of social networking.

Glubble has many safe online features for children including; children homepage, Glubble library, bigger browser screen for easy scrolling, easy bookmarking tools for children, better and safe search engine results, unique site response mechanism, family wall and many more.

Now here’s the key part. Glubble works best with Firefox, in fact it works only if your browser is Firefox, well at least for the safe mode. It adds a plug-in in your Firefox toolbar where you can easily shift from kid mode to adult mode. For the adult mode, the site is displayed like your ordinary site being rendered in a browser. But for the Kid Mode, children can only see an online kiosk where the sites that their parents have choosen will be displayed. Children will not be able to access other websites from the browsers. That takes care of the safety and security part of Glubble.

Glubble is a pretty good site for both parents and their children. And it’s good to know that kids can now enjoy the web without parents worrying too much about their safety. It seems to be a nice way to keep an eye on what your children are doing on the web without ruining their fun.