Groups Fight Back Against Seattle’s Planned Dale Chihuly Museum


Back in mid-March, we told you about the plan to rebuild the area around Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, which included plans to build a private museum dedicated to glass artist Dale Chihuly. When the plans were announced, they were received with mixed reaction, some happy that all the construction would lead to new jobs across the board, as well as bringing in additional visitors to the area. On the other side, people like critic Knute Berger said “Chihuly is to art what Starbucks is to coffee.” But now those naysayers have moved beyond just critiques and have started forming groups to fight back the plans. Most recent was the addition/creation of Friends of the Green at Seattle Center to the fight, who want to throw out the Chihuly plans and instead give the city something they feel it needs badly: open space. Their proposal calls for a 4.6 acre park, called Center Park, a large open area that “are not passive and pastoral, but ‘bustling in public spaces.'” Beyond the proposal, the group is actively trying to find donors who would be willing to back the project, to give them a push in helping them change Seattle’s mind on what to do with the now hotly contested area. A decision by the city on what to do is expected in the coming weeks.