Group 41 Opens Container Store for Humans


Come on, admit it, you always imagined your dream home as a box of weathered steel that had traversed the Pacific Ocean dozens of times, chock-full of fermented bean curd.

Well now, if you’ve got the land, San Francisco-based architecture firm Group 41 Inc. will design you a high-end residential or commercial structure out of recycled shipping containers.

That’s a $10,000 design service value, they say, and here’s what you get: futuristic structure that is at once sustainable, modern, and comfortable, plus schematic and design development services at no cost. Services like construction documents, permitting/bidding, and construction phases will be provided at cost. However, architect Joel Karr will continue to donate his time free of charge for the duration of the project.

After that it’s up to you to live happily ever after in your modest container cabin–which, of course, you’ll affectionately nickname “Casa Shigeru.”