Greta’s Commenters Go Wild for Tucker

FNC anchor Greta Van Susteren and The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson are old friends. So no huge surprise when she gave him a shout-out on her “GretaWire” blog, telling readers to follow him on Twitter. “Follow my good friend Tucker Carlson on twitter. I just noticed his picture. Is that his high school picture? By the way, you should follow Tucker,” she wrote.

With that, the online crowd went gaga. They took a fancy to Tucker, calling him dreamy and remarking on his complexion.

  • Tucker should be modeling something somewhere. I havent heard a single word hes said because I cant get past his good looks. Im sure I would agree with everything he has to say anyway if I could just get past his dreamieness. Hes soooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome.
  • Tucker is one of those lucky fellas that has not changed much since high school. I bet he was a real heart throb.
  • He is blessed with beautiful skin….and it looks like he has a healthy glow (aka tan). He does have a baby face and I am sure he loves hearing that. 🙂
  • He has one of those baby faces that prevent him from aging badly.