Gregory Needs Lesson in Chicagoese?

NBC Chicago’s Ward Room blog took NBC “Meet the Press” Host David Gregory to task this week for introducing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as “the boss.” The post by freelance journalist Ted McClelland, author of Young Mr. Obama: Chicago and the Making of a Black President, details at length which politicians are really “the bosses” and said Gregory needs a lesson in Chicagoese. Reached by phone, McClelland told FishbowlDC said he didn’t find Gregory’s introduction ridiculous, but “I just think it displayed a slight ignorance of Chicagoese. It struck me as trying to appropriate a Chicago phrase and not using it in the right way. He’s not ‘boss’ in the traditional way.”

UPDATE: Looks like McClelland may need to eat his words. A spokesperson for “Meet the Press” wrote in to say the freelancer must have missed the part of the show where Gregory held up a Chicago Magazine with Emanuel on the cover and a headline that blared, “Meet the New Boss.” Check out that story here. See a screengrab below.