‘Gregory’ is one Badass C-SPAN Caller

Gregory” a Democrat from Manhattan is not going to let C-SPAN cut him off. At least not without a fight. “I did want to give it a whirl,” he told C-SPAN “Morning Journal” Host Greta Brawner this morning when he phoned in. “Hopefully I ‘ll get a chance finish what I have to say before Greta decides to cut me off.”

Hurry up Gregory!

Nick Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief of Reason Magazine, chuckled heartily. Greta, with a hint of impatience already in her voice, warned, “Gregory if you can make it quick, go ahead.” He snapped back, saying, “Well I’m going to make it as quick as it needs to be because I’m a citizen just like you!”

His point: “Here it goes, okay? Why haven’t we talked about Ron Paul and the dirty laundry that Ron Paul carries such as the racism that seems to permeate around this man. He had to apologize recently for certain statements made in the newsletter. My second point, before I get cut off, is Ron Paul is always talking about less government, meanwhile he’s been in government for over 20 years. And thirdly and lastly, President Barack Obama will be the president again after 2012. Period. And the idea that you guys believe that there is no support for this man who is our president, you guys are looking through the wrong lense. There’s a bigger reality and it’s not Ron Paul.”

“Alright Gregory, got your points in,” said Greta in a pinched tone suggesting Gregory’s time is OVER.

Gillespie responded to Gregory’s remarks, saying, “That’s an interesting statement about how the political class often misses larger stories. I don’t think anybody is over predicting Ron Paul‘s immediate appeal or how he’s doing in national polls.” Gillespie paused to plug his own publication, saying Reason has been covering the letters since 2008 when it became evident they existed. On Paul: “He’s not a racist, he’s not a homophobe. He’s not anything that’s been imputed to him. …He needs to explain fully for his candidacy to go forward. How did this happen and how does it or does it not reflect on his ability to manage a White House? His handling of it from a strategic point of view, it seems to me, he really needs to do a better job of explaining why the stories have changed over time and how this fits in now.” Gillespie said Paul “offers an actual alternative to Democratic and Republican politics as usual…. that’s his appeal.” But even the editor conceded, “If Ron Paul wins, the world will have changed where virtually anything is possible and unicorns will be, you know, feeding out of our hands at petting zoos.”

That’s right, Gregory. Anything is possible. Please call in again tomorrow.