Green Delivers With ControlTV

Seth Green and Digital Broadcasting Group may have a budding Web video hit on their hands.

It’s early, but the high-concept series ControlTV—which allows viewers to both watch and (sometimes directly) influence a 25-year-old guy’s life live via the Internet—is steadily attracting viewers.

Soon after the series Oct. 6 debut, an initial flood of traffic crashed the show’s servers. But after the show quickly adding streaming capacity, users have become increasingly engaged in ControlTV, which lets fans vote at least a dozen times a day on what 25-year-old Los Angeles transplant Tristan Couvares does with his life. Those decisions range from what Couvares should eat to how he should spend his time.

Through its first 12 days, ControlTV has attracted just under 50,000 unique users who have generated 210,863 total page views. While modest in size, executives noted that 60 percent of visitors to the ControlTV site are new, indicating viral audience growth.

The show’s site has generated close to 50,000 streaming sessions to date, with viewers spending a an average of 23 minutes per viewing session (users can opt to watch ControlTV live in real time, or they can catch up with daily highlight videos).

Plus, the number of voters has climbed steadily from 1,500 or so per day to 56,345 for a recent episode. The series is scheduled to run for six weeks.

Green—of Austin Powers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame—is producing ControlTV along with several Hollywood veterans, Ken Fuchs, a director from ABC’s Bachelor franchise, Matthew Senreich (one of his partner on Cartoon Network series Robot Chicken) and former Dimension Films president Richard Saperstein. DBG handles distribution and ad sales for the show, which is being sponsored by Ford and Sprint.